Garage Floor Painting – 7 Reasons to Paint your Garage Floor

garage floor painting

7 Reasons to Paint your Garage Floor


Below are reasons explained by Florida Painting Artists Corp why painting or coating your garage floor is worth it. When deciding on a garage floor painting project, be sure to inquire with a professional painter to ensure you can handle the job, know what your doing, and buy the right supplies. Whether you plan to tackle the task of garage floor painting by yourself or hiring a professional, the results are well worth it!

1. It helps to keep your garage and car cleaner. Most people don’t realize that majority of the dust that is found inside the a garage on washing machines, stored items, cars, ect., comes from the concrete itself. Bare concrete can produce a heavy amount of dust. It slowly breaks down into microscopic dust particles every time you walk on it, drive on it, or even sweep it. This dust easily becomes airborne once air movement begins either by the garage door opening, walking, or pulling a car in or out. This dust then settles on everything in found your garage. This is all prevented applying a coat of paint on the surface of your garage floor.

2. Easier to clean. All it takes is a mop to run over the entire floor – that’s it! Since the concrete has been painted, the dust is no longer a huge issue making the cleaning a breeze. Spills and dirt will easily be wiped away without force.

3. It helps to keep the inside of your home clean. Dust and dirt settle within the pores of the concrete. If the concrete surface is painted then the pores will not become filled with grime, sand, dust, dirt, and anything else. A painted garage floor means less dirt tracked into the house, especially if the home has children.

4. Floor protection. Depending on which type of paint you choose, your concrete will now be resistant to oil stains, chemicals, water, mold, and mildew. Oil can we wiped right up without staining the concrete. Tougher spills can be cleaned up with a sponge and a little cleaning agent.

5. It is light reflective. One of the first things that people notice is that the garage seems to be brighter. Bare concrete tends to absorb light while a painted surface does a better job of reflecting it. As a result, the reflective light tends to brighten the garage creating it a more pleasant area to work in, exercise, or maybe a brighter man cave!

6. It’s cheap to do. Concrete floor paint is inexpensive and the two-part epoxy paints can be purchased for less than $80. If you are on a budget then this is the coating for you. Be careful to read the instructions indicated on the products you by. Many dry extremely fast and can easily be messed up. This project may be best for a professional painter who knows the best techniques. Also, many garage floors will need a specific type of garage floor paint. Make sure you use the right one or you may have a peeling concrete floor which is not pretty.

7. It looks good! There is no denying that a painted floor completely changes the look of a garage. More and more people utilize this space as an added room to the home. Make it something you can be proud of when you see it every day instead of purposely avoiding your garage.


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