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The exterior of your home is visible to everyone, even google maps ;) 

Why not make it something pleasant to look at. One of the most affordable ways to spruce up and make any home more attractive is by adding some fresh paint to the outside. 

We have dealt with many homeowners on a budget. They would like to repaint the exterior of their but cannot afford it. So in this case, we give our customers options, lots of options. Just like your family, our family understands about being on a budget. 

Not always will a home need a full exterior repaint. Sometimes customers would like just trim to be repainted, or just to change the color of the walls. This is no problem for us. As a small family operated painting company, we work with you and make your needs met. 

Realtors know that selling a ugly home is hard, sometimes impossible. Working with many realtors in Port St Lucie, we know what you may need in order to sell your property faster. 

​Call us today, get your exterior home repainted at an affordable price, 772-626-7159.

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Hiring a professional house painter will not only help your house or concrete floor look and feel fresh and alive, but you also begin to feel like a whole new person! While we haven't taken a real study on this, all of our customers completely agree with this statement! Painting Contractors Rule!

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Painting Services of Port St Lucie, Florida

Painting Artists Corp is the leading family operated painting company in Port St Lucie. We provide honest estimates and always professional painting services. 

For nearly a decade our family ran painting company has exceed our customer expectations and have remained a customer oriented company. We are proud to say we provide 100% customer satisfaction! 

FL Painting Artists Corp provides an array of painting services and pressure washing solutions. We find pleasure in making homes and businesses beautiful through painting services. Watching our clients brag about how gorgeous their home is again is exactly our goal. 

Our Painting Services in Port St Lucie include:

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting 

Garage Floor Painting & Coating

Pool Patio Painting

Faux Concrete Painting

Concrete Staining

Concrete Stain Designs 

Painting Designs

Driveway Painting & Design work

Paver Sealing

Concrete Staining

Room Painting Designs

Commercial Painting

Office Painting

Routine Office Paint Touch-up

Residential Touch-Up Painting

Tiled Roof Painting

Fence Painting

Fence - Wood Staining

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We take pride and initiative when it comes to painting your home. Never will you be unsatisfied with our quality of paining. Being a family operated painting company in Port St Lucie, we are familiar what families like us look for in choosing the right painting company and other contractors. Rest assured you are in good caring hands when having your home or business painted by our hard working and experienced team. 

We are happy to take care of any of your residential or commercial painting needs!

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Professional Interior House Painting

Interior house painting is one of the most commonly requested painting service for homeowners. Our interior over the years of living within the home begin to show signs of traffic of those living there. Marks on the walls begin to appear from chairs, hand prints, kids crayons, scuffs, and other stains. Families with young children know how bad our painted walls can become from play, eating, and other daily activities. 

Interior Painting is the best way to make your home feel new again. You live within those walls each day, small nicks and marks will begin to irritate you. Luckily eliminating all these marks, stains, and scuffs is easy. Hiring a professional painter to come inside and repaint your walls is the best way to make your home feel fresh again. 

Painting the inside of your home without a professional house painter is not an easy task. There are many prep methods needed that typically a professional painter knows like the back of his hand. Leave repainting your home to a professional painting contractor like Florida Painting Artists Corp.

​We have had many customers contact us after they attempted to paint their home without a painter. This sometimes makes more work for the painting contractor. They will need to correct the mistakes the homeowner made. This can cost the homeowner more money in the end. 

Call us today for a free interior painting quote, 772-626-7159.